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Dead to Rights Walkthrough:
Full Circle

You've lost all your weapons. Go in hand-to-hand against workers. Go in trailer for health and armor and some guns. Then around to where you came from - more bad guys come out after you. Now there's an armor by the subway entrance. Gather up ammo.

Through door to billboard area. Another trailer - full health.

Now a helicopter shows up - take out the goons it drops. Shoot the guys up on perches. Hide in the nook by the blue crate to shoot them. There are 2 guys on a blue crate - the guy on the left is easy so take him out first.

Come around the corner. Full health and armor down on the left between the two containers. Now guys at a bridge area including one with grenades. Watch out for the grenades. Clear them and get to the bridge - cut scene with another helicopter. There's an armor nearby that you see and can get after the cut scene.

Full health on the left. Lob grenades up to the left by the car. Head up that way and right up on the ledge - there's a rocket launcher.

Door to get out is right there. "I followed the Mayor from his downtown office to the Iron Point Penitentiary."

Dead to Rights Walkthrough

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