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Dead to Rights Walkthrough:

Fight a few guys on the ground, hiding in the crates when you can. Soon a helicopter comes and lowers guys down. Fight through them and go through teh door.

Now you're on a long wooden stairway. Guys come down at you - shoot them. Go down into a tunnel area and the helicopter comes down again. Another set of guys to fight.

Now in a dock area. Elevator at very end of dock area but it's locked. When you see the "Cargo lift control key needed" more bad guys come. Kill them, get the key and go up.

Now you're in a warehouse. Health and armor on the left. Fight your way through several rooms. You eventually get up to a Level 3 Security Door. Shoot the guards that come up against you here. Go down along the long alley to the furnace room with the big brick furnaces. Up the stairs to the catwalk.

"Stupid elevator busted". Get the pass from the guy up here. There's a fuse box here missing a fuse. Work your way down to the fuse and put it in. You go through the elevator and get up to a helicopter launch pad. Health and the rotos are whirling. Go around towards the glowing windows. You watch girl getting killed and now have to fight Pinnacle hand to hand. Dodge around and make him chase you and swing at you - after a little while he gets an "Oxygen meter" and has to stop to regain his breath. Get behind him and choke him, hitting X and O to wear him down. If he grabs you, do the same thing to escape his grasp. Max out when he strangles you to kick him as you escape.

get explosives, health and armor.

Dead to Rights Walkthrough

Dead to Rights on PS2 Review

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