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Dead to Rights Walkthrough:
Story of the Century

at the Bay Bell hotel. Everyone is dead except one man. Fight your way through to the door on the left. A helicopter breaks through the ceiling glass. Armor on the right. You need th erocket launchter to take out the helicopter, otherwise the guys are infinite. One launcher on teh ground floor. A second one up on the balcony. Shoot it to finish it off.

Bad guy shows up - "This city is practically mine." TV station reports his being implicated. Now you fight him with his electric shield. Get him to run at you when you're by the fountain so he short-circuits on the water.

Round 2 - now he has burning fists. Go near the fire door and throw him in a few times.

You see a video of the preacher getting a gold bar in the mail.


Dead to Rights Walkthrough

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