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Dead to Rights Walkthrough:
Iron Point

You've been sent to jail for the supposed murder of Blatz. You're told there is a way out of getting electrocuted. Fight a few orange-suited convicts and get a key card - Access Card A. There's health in the cells if you need it.

Go through the door with the keycard. Now fight a few more guys, go through another door. Another fight, up stairs and another door. Now go into the door marked "Workshop" and fight a bunch of guys. You get a key from one.

Use the key to get into the locked room. Wireboy tells you battery acid on the conduits will do the job. He'll give you the acid in exchange for 25 packs of cigarettes. "Try the gym, genius" he says. Head out and fight some more orangies. Now you get a pack from each one you kill. 4 so far.

Go out straight and right to the gym. This is a series of minigames to win.

* boxing ring - learn new skills.
* speed bag - beat 150 in 2 minutes
* weight lifting - do 3 rounds

now 7 sets - heal up before leaving.

Mad Dog drops Access Card C. Go back to Cell Block C. Health in corner to right. More fighters with no cigarettes. Through door. Health on right, more guys. No packs. Around through 3 doors. 'Tony's good for smokes. He won't talk to a cop in front of GenPop.' So you have to take out the General Population of convicts first.

Health up in cells - you're now at 24 packs. Now talk to Tony in the center. He wants to arm wrestle you. 3 sets to get him down for the final pack. Get your health full and head back to Wireboy. You get your acid.

Now you have to see Tattoo in the showers for the escape map. First you hear Shadow barking and have a fight with Sickle, who seems like he's escaped from "The Green Mile".

Head on to the showers. You get into a fight in there with Tattoo. Ignore the rest and take him down - when he goes down the rest give in too. Get the map, see a video, you then burn the map. You escape from the electrocution.

Head left into the door and take out the guard - grab the key from the desk. Take out two more as you head out. Now run left, up the stairs and in the door. Head left and then into the door and left, through another door and into the showers. Run left and hop into the open grate.

OK now you have a map and a dotted line shows you the trail. Take out the orange guy who is shooting at you for a gun - another one's on the ground there. 3 more guys around the corner. Keep following the line. You hit an area with 4 of them, up stairs and a 5th is up by the door. Head through.

More dotted lines, health on the left. 'The path is blocked' - head right and go against the wall. Grab the armor there and then go back along that ledge.

OK, continue along. More guys to kill. You're back on the dotted line again. You hit another blocked area. You have to go back two turns and then go along a ledge again. Health up to left. Head right to return to path. Now a cave-in blocks your path. Go through the fan and on to the locked door - pick it in time to escape and watch the guards beat up tattoo.

You come out in a dark area - a car tries to run you over and your puppy saves you. Take out the friendly driver, take his ID and phone, and hop in the car. Marvin Silt. Now back to the crime scene to hang out. He needs info in Chinatown.

Dead to Rights Walkthrough

Dead to Rights on PS2 Review

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