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Dead to Rights Walkthrough:
A Late Goodbye

Now helicopter comes dropping bad guys in clown outfits.

Go up to left of gate and pull lever - open the gate. More bad guys come in. Fight through them and through the gate. You end up in a watery passageway

work your way up to the upper level and pull the lever to open the gate. back down into watery area. helicopter comes again. Fight through, up to tomb, yup another switch. Go out the gate near it.

now out on foggy path. Work your way up to the building - there's health in there. You can fall in various holes to get into it. Use the stairs to come back out. A switch to noe side opens the gate. Head in.

Now you're in a low hallway which leads to an open area with snipers. You're by an old stone church. head to lever on right. It opens a gate - get down to the gate to load a new area. "I know this cemetery - I buried more than one friend here". A truck with a machine gun blocks the main gate. Armor on the far right - use your jumping dive and keep statues between you and them. More armor on far left. Use the canisters you find against the van. It takes several to take it out.

Dead to Rights Walkthrough

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