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Dead to Rights Walkthrough:
Mayhem Incorporated

You hear about the debate and then steal the helicopter. You talk to your chick and have to shoot Eve's enemies while she moves forward. It's a quick scene. Now you find a bomb and have to disarm it. It's a minigame - guiding the silver dot through the path on a timer. You get more time if you make checkpoints.

another set of shooting from the helicopter. Move from guy to guy quickly, aiming for their head and sweeping back and forth a little to get them. You have lots of ammo. Watch on both sides of Eve for enemies.

Now she's up on a roof area and waves at you. The nasty purple guy attacks her and you tell the pilot to set it down. Now you shoot guys outside the area. You'll come down to the parking lot and shoot guys hiding behind cars. They actually can hurt you at this point. Move through them as usual. A limo takes off. It's got Patch in it.

Shoot at each sedan thoroughly, taking out its tires and engine. It'll crash when you get it enough. The main limo is called "Patch" - shoot the missiles it fires at you and hammer its engine. Go against the spin when shooting the missiles. Eventually it'll flip over. Patch dies in the crash.

You see Hennesey joking with the bomb squad - you figure you have to find the bombs first.

Dead to Rights Walkthrough

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