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Dead to Rights Walkthrough:
A Billion in Bullion

"I was heading into the belly of the beast" Go through a series of rooms fighting your way through. Guy up stairs in center has plant key.

Now come in and go all the way around counterclockwise to get to the stairs. Door. "Time to take out the trash." A concrete hallway. Don't get near exit door - it treats it like you've gone through. Gather health and ammo first.

Another gold mixing room. Shoot more guys. Now there's a turret. Use a human shield and shoot the turret. Keep moving. You get a card key in middle room - there's an activate switch that opens the door. More guys come in. Full health and armor around edges. Gather ammo too. Go up to the door.

Another concrete hallway. Armor on the right. Now move into a square grey brick room. Go around the outside. Prisoners are in there. Kill everybody then go back up for the armor on the stairs you passed. Now Tattoo shows up. Take him out and his friends. Health and armor in big boxes.

Now you're in the mining tunnels. Go through the vent. You have to have no weapons and crouch through. Another one. Armor on left. Shoot the bad guys. Come up to ledge on right. Go across carefully. Armor on right.

"Suddenly everything made snese" - it's at the subway entrance.

"that's what dad discovered - and that's why they killed him."

Dead to Rights Walkthrough

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