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Dungeon Siege 2 Walkthrough
Chapter 2 - Prisoner of War - Northern Greilyn Jungle

You're back out on your own, with a friendly follower. You immediately run into Jera, a guard who will keep you company too. Follow her along. First you meet Lirrit on the left, who explains about health (red) and mana (blue) bushes. Only certain skilled characters can harvest those types of bushes. A ranger who learns survival can get health, while a mage who learns nature magic can get mana.

Next along is Esselte, by an incantation shrine. If you stand in one and chat, you can temporarily increase stats or powers. She teaches you the Lesser Chant of Fortification - DONO ARMORUM ES, if you're interested. Go ahead and chant it to try it out. Yes, there are enemies behind her, including an entire cave complex but I *really* recommend avoiding them for now and coming back later on when you are stronger.

So on the road you go. You see captured people and your guard, Jera is slain. Kirani is one of the people you rescue there. Celia appears and Kirani speaks up for you. Apparently the Morden are making towers and you now are assigned to burn them. You talk for a while, and then go around gathering up stuff.

Dungeon Siege 2 Walkthrough

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