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Dungeon Siege 2 Walkthrough
Chapter 4 - The Plague

OK, now you're plague ridden. Is nothing ever easy? Talk to Anerith who explains about the colored ! or ? of a quest person. On the L is the Tome of Smithing. Tellendril discusses war pedestals and how attacking one will heal you. Historian Arisu has many stories. Rokhar the Mage says not much right now. There's a Mothers of Eirulan book here. Norka is just grumpy.

In the Infirmary is Helsa (mom) and Tanzi. Helsa wants you to slay the Beasties and Tanzi defends them, that Hrawn was a good son of a high priest. Agree to investigate. Moraine is here too. On to the pet shop. Merchant NEda has pets from other worlds via a rift, via nature mages. She wants dire wolves and says Rokhar knows how to get them. She has an ice elemental, mule and scorpion. I bought an Ice Elemental and named it Icy :)

Back to the great hall area. Arienne is in the house there and says to take care. Rokhar now says to join him. When you agree, he says to go to the south gate, past the ruined ampitheater, north to the river, cross the bridge, and enter the cave. He'll meet you on the other side. OK. In the meantime return to Telinu and tell her the book says 5 squares of leather, coat in 3 pots of wax, press in 12 stoneshroom discs and decorate with 2 baskets of leaves. She makes armor and gives it to you.

Dungeon Siege 2 Walkthrough

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