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Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough: Hearth

OK, we're at the 11th mission and we finally hit something nasty. They start you out with a pre-built dungeon and an assortment of monsters, and a horde of adventurers comes at you to wipe you out. First off, take a quick look around to figure out where everything is. That's probably the worst part - not having an idea of how your dungeon is laid out before you're attacked. You have around 5 minutes of quiet before the hordes come. Try to get to the two side-by-side "level ups" quickly - that's pretty much the only way you survive the first onslaught. Train, build traps, and eventually you get every room available. Dig lots of gold, train and train some more!

After a while you'll get a message that you're doing well, the "demons" are happy with you, and another wave is coming soon. Keep training, lay some boulder traps, and you shouldn't have too much trouble with the second wave.

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