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Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough: Sleepiburgh

This level is almost too easy if you've learned your lessons on previous levels. Build and research with the Level 10 Dragon you brought with you. Build your training room in the bottom-left: that's where the first enemy will hit you. Chase him quickly with the dragon and warlocks that start coming. You should be able to take out the "left" enemy with little trouble. Move up and get all the gold, building treasure rooms next to it.

As you go for the gold, you'll hit Enemy #2, off to the middle right. He's also easy if you hit him early - just keep bopping your dragons and wizards at him. In a little while you essentially have no enemies and just a door in the top center. Don't open this yet.

Build up your forces, and dig to the bottom right to get a workshop and horned reaper. When you're set, go through the door. First are some wimpy forces; capture them and then hit the second door. Here are five 8th level wizards and then the Lord of the Land, 10th level. By now you should have oodles of cash so you can zap most of them to death and let your forces kill the remaining ones. Enjoy!

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