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Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough: Woodly Rhyme

This has you pitted against two keepers with you in the top-left corner. It actually ended up being pretty easy - get the gold first! Dig as fast as you can down to the gold. A few 10th-level nasties will come at you right off; make sure you've trained up to be ready for them.

You have to build bridges to get to various spots - there is gold off to the left, a transfer star to the bottom left. The central island is interesting - it has an increase level and hidden world star in a huge trap nasty room. You have to go through a few doors to reach it, of course .

Probably the worst part of this level is the bottom-right guy. They wall themselves off and you have to wait until you research the "destroy walls" spell, which takes EONS, before you can get in and kill him. Spend the time training up someone to bring with you to the next level!

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