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Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough: Wishvale

OK, trickier. You have two enemies and you're in the middle. They're to the NE and SW, and you're sort of on an island. With limited gold and limited space. Plan your rooms carefully, and for once don't build trillions of imps. You now get a barracks; build a little one to lure in new creatures.

There's little resistant to the NE - start there and go for the gold you find. Watch the traps - for gas traps, set them off, grab the imp, and then drop him back as soon as it stops hissing. It's "resetting" and you can take it over. For electric traps, same thing - trigger it, let it zap 3 times, then IMMEDIATELY drop the imp back on it (or drop a new one there if the first one got fried). He can take over the square while it resets.

To the NE is a resurrect - get that one. Dig down the SE and SW walls to get to the gold on the bottom. You have to get to the SWern dungeon through it's SW side - i.e. dig along the sw wall, through the first two gold veins, then up towards your base again. The heart is right there, so kill it and you're set!

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