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Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough: Moonbrush Wood

This is a fun one and actually pretty easy. You're in a land with four wizards, and you must (of course) conquer them all. The wizards don't even really work against you - they're in four libraries, each in a corner of a cross shape, and they sit there until you break in. Then they and their friends fight you. You simply gather your forces, kick in one door, train. Gather again, kick in the next, and so on. What a fun time! And in the snow, even!

Your enemy is towards the north, so build the library to the south and a huge training room northwards. The first set of "roaming enemies" are fourth-fifth level, so train up to there before proceeding. Dig the gold to the south, too - trail around to either side. There are gems to the right, and a "maze" to the left that goes through two "money" rooms before ending up at another gems site. Don't forget to build treasure rooms near where they're mining! Bridge around to make getting to libraries easier. You get an "increase level", two "ressurects" and a "make safe" in the libraries.

In the very top of the map is a door with traps on either side and a "secret level". Use the imps with the trigger-disarm method to get rid of the traps and a warlock to blast down the door.

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