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Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough: Moon Secret Level

This flag looks like a moon on it, and the moon actually changes phases like the real life moon in the sky. Set your system date to a date that is a full moon and *poof* it's available!

You start out with 3 other allies. Make sure you come into here from any level with a "transfer creature" option and take in something big - a bile demon is good. Take over as much as you can. Set one of the allies to "enemy" (under the ? menu) - usually purple first - and kill it off.

Continue doing that, building TONS of imps and fortifying all along the southern walls. Most enemies come from the south and they can't get through stone walls. Build up 30,000 gold and kill all other dungeon hearts. The gold is enough to get the "level won" if you last out the time limit, but you still don't get Ug the Barbarian!! Any ideas??

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