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Enter the Matrix Walkthrough:
Hacking Notes: The Basic Commands

The hacking area is a neat idea - but they made it waaaaay too simple. They mocked it up like a DOS prompt but then they didn't even need you to BE in a directory to run a command in it? What, is every single directory in this system pathed??

Once you type in a command once, you can just access it from the left menu area. So that saves on your typing fingers. So type in the command


That lets you see inside a directory. You have 3 directories:
text: has 4 text files
tools: has 3 programs
system: has 8 programs

OK, the 4 text files. One of your commands is READ. You see it in your system folder. So now choose:
READ notez.txt: says the virtual drive password is prozenfish
READ manual #1: not much
READ manual #2: says omegahardwaresolutions.com owns this OS
READ password.txt: says thematrix.com uses 23631BE6, also mentions danielinstitute.com

The tools directory has 3 tools:
vibration: can do from 1-100
beep: can choose #s to play the tones for
cheat: need codes to use

The system directory has 8 tools:
reboot: duh
help: starts you out with help on commands
cls: clears the screen (basic DOS)
login: lets you log in to other areas, see next page in this walkthrough
dir: shows you what is in a directory
exit: leaves this hacking area
read: types out the contents of a text file
echo: puts something on the screen

In general this is all DOS, but a simple CD doesn't work to actually go IN a directory to run a program or read something! You just "launch" all commands from the root directory. Too strange.

Enter the Matrix Walkthrough

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