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Enter the Matrix Walkthrough:
Closing Time

Finally, after all that intro you can actually play! You're in a Post Office. The map right in front of you says the boxes are to the left. So, duh, you go left into the box area :)

Nope! You want 731222 - that's one floor up. Of course the green door in here is locked. Go out into the main lobby and head into the back past the service desk for the elevator. It's the silver door straight in back. It's not working. Now Sparks says to find the freight elevator.

POOF, now the green door on your right is open. Go in and through the next door. Note that the trap door in the men's bathroom is there (the one Niobe uses for her mission) but there's no ladder.

OK, past the green tables. Right and right. On the left is a little security area with a counter. The door behind there just leads to a dead end with shelves. Continue on past.

Head straight into a door. In the room beyound, go left around to a short stairway to a green door. Through it, another green door. One more set of stairs with a green door, and you hit the checkpoint. Everybody sing along to the Rawhide Tune: "Loading, loading, loading, keep the Matrix Loading, rawhide!" You will get VERY sick of loading time very quickly.

Enter the Matrix Walkthrough

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