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Enter the Matrix Walkthrough:
Unexpected Arrival

You start this area with guns and health on the table in front of you. Jump up on the table to grab them.

Kill the guards here. Go to the end of the hallway and left. Yikes, it's a forklift! They tried to kill me with a forklift! Sorry, obscure quote :) Fight through the evil Forklift Guys. The sprinklers can get set off here to show off the semi-interesting "water falling" effects. Really, the graphics just aren't too stellar in this game. But they did try.

Anyway. Head around the corner to the left again. There's conveniently a health up on the box at the end - as if you need it! You just stand still anywhere and heal up fully. Head around to the right for more guys. All too quickly, you reach an opening in a metal fence.

Once you do, there's a cut scene. A guy throws a gas grenade. On to the next level!

Enter the Matrix Walkthrough

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