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Enter the Matrix Walkthrough:
Unexpected Arrival

Have you sensed a rhythm here yet? They are saving and making you load literally every 2 minutes! Not only does it keep interrupting gameplay with breaks and loading time, but it's not much of a challenge if the furthest you are sent back is 2 minutes ago.

This section is challenging only because the CAMERA SUCKS. It is never pointing where you need it to be pointing. Often it's staring into the wall! Your aim is to walk along the tops of the shelves to stay above the gas. If you're lucky you will be able to see where you are going.

Turn away from the fence and walk along the top of the shelf. Keep following the wall. When you reach the fence, grab it and go arcross the fence top to the left and down on the other shelf.

Surprise! The vent here will get shot down. You can try to leap or Matrix-Leap across it before they shoot it. However, if you fall down, not to worry. Just go back to before the gate and go up the little 'box ladder'. Not hard at all.

Keep going forward another whole inch or two, and then go right onto the ledge. Jump down through the skylight. Loading - Loading - Loading.

Enter the Matrix Walkthrough

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