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Enter the Matrix Walkthrough:
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OK, you're back at the PO Box room on the first floor again, where you started. Go into the main lobby area, to the right to the elevator. It's working now.

You know of course that the "package" will be as far from the starting point as possible so I went straight back and left. Sure enough, it was in that far back corner.

You see a video of the guards shooting you, then Niobe pops in to help out. Conveeeeniently there is health in the back corner now. Kill the guards here, heal up in between shots and head back into the elevator.

Head towards the front door. When you try to open it they lock you up inside. You now have to kill all the guards before the door in the back, to the right of the elevator "mysteriously pops open". So yes, stalk around and kill the guards. It's really pretty easy since you heal constantly, they don't, and they're not very bright about taking cover.

Again, go through through 2 doors, then three stair/door combos.


Enter the Matrix Walkthrough

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