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Enter the Matrix Walkthrough:
Hacking Notes: Login to B

OK, the only really interesting command you know so far is "login". You know two passwords: prozenfish from the notez.txt and 23631BE6 from the password.txt file. Neither one works for the login. However, the suggested "GUEST" works just fine!

Now you have access to another drive - B

Yup, do:

dir b

You have 6 directories here: id, guns, fmv, maps, cars, tools

Each one has some files that you've unlocked, plus others that are still locked.

id - various people images: police, guard, sparks.img
guns - various gun images
fmv - 0.fmv - full motion video
maps - b1po.img etc
cars - 5 locked
tools - 5 digit access code locked.

Enter the Matrix Walkthrough

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