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Fable Walkthrough
The Basics : Skill

As you gain experience, there are three basic types of attributes you can increase: Strength, Skill, and Will. Skill involves dexterity, guile, speed; i.e. how nimble and aware you are.

This helps you aim your ranged weapons.
level 1:
level 2: 1,100 xp
level 3: 2,900 xp
level 7: 81,000 xp

This controls how quickly you swing, how quickly you reload a ranged weapon.
level 1:
level 2: 800 xp
level 3: 1,800 xp
level 4: 4,600 xp
level 5: 8,700 xp

This controls how stealthy you are sneaking up on an enemy, and how well you negotiate with merchants.
level 1: 350 xp
level 2: 900 xp
level 3: 2,200 xp
level 4: 5,000 xp
-- stealthy enough to use "steal" expression.
level 6: 27,400 xp
-- stealthy enough to use lockpick
level 7: 52,000 xp
-- become elite trader

If you decide to steal, you first look at an item sitting out in a shop and then wait for the owner to look away. Press and hold the bottom icon while the bar goes across. When the bar fills up, you have stolen it.

Fable Walkthrough

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