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Fable Walkthrough
The Basics : The Title Vendor

The title vendor is a REALLY cool idea. You get to choose how people refer to you! Yes it costs money, but you learn very quickly that money is VERY easy to get if you are simply patient and work at it. Like in anything in life, if it's worth having, it's worth putting in effort to get :)

He's located by the guild's front gate and you can use him as soon as you finish the first WASP quest.

Since you do this right away before you can really alter your skills, I'm listing the vendor's asking price and then the base price in ()s. Of course if you wait to buy a title to when you have built up your charisma, your price may be less.

You normally start out as a "chicken chaser" :)

maleficus 699 (600)
assassin 326 (280)
avatar 1166 (1000)
liberator 699 (600)
druid 233 (200)
ranger 303 (260)
runemaser 524 (450)
hood 233 (200)
sabre 291 (250)
piemaster 116 (100)
chicken chaser 46 (40)
arseface 69 (60)

Fable Walkthrough

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