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Fable Walkthrough
The Basics : Levels of Renown

As you gain renown in the world, your popular ranking goes up - i.e. what people refer to you as. This is different from your TITLE. If you choose to be a ranger, you will always be a ranger. But you could be an "unknown ranger" or a "famous ranger" depending on your renown level. The ranges of when I hit these levels may differ from you, depending on how you choose to play the game.


Unsung Apprentice
very beginning of game, after the first quest and some wandering

after the first Hobbes Orchard quest

around 6 game days (game age 31 yrs)

Well Known
around 7 game days (game age 31 yrs)
after Hobbes Cave quest

around 12 game days (game age 36 yrs)
after White Balverine quest

Very Famous
around 14 game days
during the Hobbes cave quest

around 16 game days
after the Break the Siege quest

One way to get renown is to hold up your trophy heads for all to see. Start somewhere with only a FEW people. The boasting area works great for this. You are trying to show the head to them all. You want to show it to more people each time you do it. You can show each trophy you have to the people in the area, so when you have a good collection of trophies, go around showing them off!

You also earn a lot of renown by killing hobbes for some reason, so enjoy yourself in any hobbe level quests.

Fable Walkthrough

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