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Fable Walkthrough
Fun Stuff : Fishing and Silver Keys

You can buy a fishing pole in town for 50g, and fish anywhere you see ripples. This is NOT like Zelda or other games where you sit around fishing for fun. It's more like digging for buried treasure. You find the ripples, you fish once, and then you bring up the treasure and that spot is done.

To fish, stand right next to water and USE it. Wait for a bite then use A to reel it in. Keep pressing A until the fish gets to the left side of the bar. Don't reel when the fish is pulling. The strain of green-red shows on the bar.

Since most of what you find are silver keys, I also list other silver key locations here too.

Silver Keys
* Pond in woods behind guild hall
* Witchwood ripples
* Pond near Headsman Hill
* Lady Grey's bedroom
* Crypt in graveyard (not memorial garden)
* Dig at stone-lined grave with cross headstone in graveyard
* By witchwood stones
* at top of ramp at Greatwood lake

Other Stuff in Fishing
* Pond in front of Orchards house - elixir of life * witchwood pond over fence - get a moonfish. 19cm 38g

Chest Locations
* Lady Grey's manor - 15 keys
* Archaeologist's hiding spot

Fable Walkthrough

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