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Fable Walkthrough
Fun Stuff : Buying Homes and Shops

Don't worry about buying a building until you get through the game to your return to Oakvale. This is where the first home is avaiable - your childhood home.

Oakvale Marital House
I love this single-floor house and bought it immediately, and fixed it up. When you first buy it, it's a shack. After a few improvements (costing 2500g, 3500g and 5000g) it has a canopy bed, rugs on the floors, and even 2 trophy plaques on the walls for you to hang your favorite trophies. It's pretty cool. It's a marriage-friendly house. At this point it could sell for 11,600g.

Bowerstone Marital House
Cost: 1,500g
The second house is in Bowerstone, and is the house at the far end of the street. This is a two story house with a nice balcony on the back. You can improve it for 500g, 700g. It's also marriage-friendly (meaning you can live there with a spouse).

When you buy a house you can choose to live there yourself or to rent it out to others, for extra income. You can also choose to sell it, if you need the money back. Just click on the sign in front of the house to do these things.

Fable Walkthrough

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