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Fable Walkthrough
Fun Stuff : Demon Door Listing

I wish they called those doors "phantom doors" or something. By calling them Demon Doors it makes it sound like only bad characters should talk to them or go through them. Really, they are just doors to secret areas, to give you a bonus if you get them to open. Each demon door wants something different.

South of Barrow Fields
This demon door wants you to be fat. You have to eat a lot of fattening things, like beer, in order to plump up and get through.

Knothole Glade
This door talks of plate mail then evil mage with dark robes. Then a rogue - bandit. You're the gallant knight (we were wearing plate mail when talking to him). Where is the evil mage he awaits? Find all three outfits to get through.

Knothole Glade
This door wants you to shoot it - build up your skill and do so. You get an elixir of life.

Headsmans Woods
He likes our hairstyle and lets us in to Gibbet Woods.

He wants the pieces to Nostro's armor found and returned to Nostro. This gets you in to the prison that is holding your mom.

As part of the archaeologist quest, you have to learn his name. It's HITS. You find the archaeologist hiding behind the door.

The first demon door you find, he wants to see a lamp :)

Fable Walkthrough

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