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Fable Walkthrough
Fun Stuff : Tavern Games and Hero Dolls

I really enjoy the tavern games, you can EASILY make $50,000 or more just by playing at $1,000 a pop. Each game tests a different skill, so work your way around to all of the games and figure out which one best suits your particular skill set. For me, I find the memory game SUPER easy and can win it every time.

Card Pairing
Location: Bowerstone
Prize: Briar Rose Hero Doll (we got in 32.3 secs)
Rules: This is the simple memory game. Click on one card, then a second. If they match, they stay up. If they don't, they flip down again. Your aim is to flip all cards up before the timer runs out.

Tips: Go left-right across each row. Call out the first four card numbers and keep repeating them to yourself as you flip the rest. So for example 8 2 5 3. If you find a match of course flip it, then keep calling out what is left - 8 5 3. It makes it easier to remember those earlier cards as you work your way along. Having a friend to remember those first four also helps.

Coin Golf
Location: Oakvale
Prize: Whisper Hero Doll (we got in 11 strokes)
Rules: This is a common game, you "flick" a coin in a certain direction, with a certain strength, trying to get it to a destination circle. You have to go around "obstacles". You have 4 rounds and only 13 total shots.

Tips: This just takes practice to figure out the flipping. You press and hold L to aim and set the strength and when you release it immediately shoots. Practice those bank shots!

Guess the Addition
Location: Twinblade's Camp
Prize: Pass (we got in 34.1 sec); Twinblade Hero Doll (23 sec)
Rules: He'll put down 3 items, then cover them up. Then he'll reveal 4 items. You have to point to whatever is new. The items are:
green vial
red apple
monster head
guy with axe

If you're playing with a friend, just have each of you take half the screen and remember what's on it. Then you yell out the names when the second showing happens and see what is not named. Or you can print out this list and just check things really quickly and then use that as reference on the second showing.

Card Sorting
Location: Glade
Prize: 24.3 sec
Rules: You are shown a certain number of cards and have to flip them in order from low to high. An Ace is LOW. Tied cards can be flipped in either order. You have 7 rounds starting with 3 cards in the first round to 9 in the last round. You have to do it in 35 seconds too. You will get REALLY annoyed because not only does the cursor auto-center but the table is "off center" so you often will click on the wrong card. Just call it "joystick bad luck" and try again, there's no use in getting angry :) You can only bet 200g at a time here.

Shove Ha'penny
Location: Hook Coast
Prize: 30 points, Maze Hero Doll
Rules: Just like shuffleboard. You slide pennies down the table and try to get them fully within a numbered area. If you touch two areas, you get the lower value of the two.

Location: Darkwood Camp
Prize: none
Rules: This is the classic game of 21. The 10-J-Q-K all count as "10". The ace can be 1 or 11 depending on what you want. Your aim is to get as close to 21 as you can without going over. Getting a natural 21 (ace and 10/J/Q/K) is called "blackjack".

Tips: This is a real card game and there are trillions of books and webpages on strategy. Just practice and learn :)

The final doll - Thunder can ONLY be bought. He's found at the store in the arena or in Bowerstone North.

The teacher who collects hero dolls is found in Bowerstone, down in the cul-de-sac by the house you can buy. His building is the one on the right that looks like a church. When you give him all of the dolls you find, he is quite happy and offers to trade them to you for something special. You get a Jack Hero Doll.

Fable Walkthrough

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