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Fable Walkthrough
Fun Stuff : Tattoo Cards

When you find tattoo cards around the world, you have to run into a merchant that is a tattoo artist to have them applied. The merchant will also be carrying a selection of designs with him for you to choose from. Tattoos are not only lovely and decorative, but affect your look and alignment as well. Note that you can only wear 3 tattoos at a time for some strange reason! You can see what tattoos you have in your attributes area (as well as by looking at your body) but you can't see how they affect you - just their names.

Kryndon tattoo
Guild: upstairs shelf
+10 attract, -10 scary, +10 align

coron night
33g - 0 0 0

coron dawn

coron dusk
34g +5 attract

coron mask
50g +25 scary
face -

coron visor

coron wave

four spaces tattoo
37g +5 attr
back - gamblers

doublearrow tattoo
44g +12 attr -12 scary -
face - old kingdom archers

arrow tongue tattoo
46g +12 attr -12 scary -
face - archers

ryon peak tattoo
40g +10 attract +10 align
big back - represents high mountain and mabition

froydian tattoo
34g +10 attr +10 align
torso - high class / virility

kryndon tattoo
43g +10 attract -10 scary +10 align
chest - assassins

lopion tattoo
35g +10 attract +10 align
chest - birth / fertility

valiance tattoo
45g +10 attract +10 scary +10 align
chest - small - greatest warriors

howl tattoo (in archaeologist cave)

harion shoulder tattoo
45g +10 attract

eyes of skorm
45 0 10 scary -10 align

47g -25 attr +25 scary -25 align

51g +15 attr +15 scary 0 align

49g +15 attr +15 scary 0 align

poison web leg
45g +10 attr +10 scary 0 align

karlan wings tattoo
dig at dad's grave in the main graveyard (not memorial garden)

remove tattoos
all tattoo artists can do this for you :)
cost: 202g

Fable Walkthrough

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