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Fable Walkthrough
Fun Stuff : Expressions / Poses You Learn

When you start the game, you only have three real exressions, or poses, that you can do. You use these with the lower left D pad directional. The game automatically puts "appropriate" poses in there for you - i.e. if you're talking to someone with a heart over their head you cycle through the various flirting poses you know. If you're hungry, it puts the appropriate amount of food in an easy to click spot. You can get to the rest of the roster with the up button on the D-pad.

Note that the places *I* learned them do not need to match where *you* learn them, it all has to do with your renown and experience. You might get them earlier or later depending on how you play the game.

This starting pose is obvious, and is useful for scaring off bullies.

A gentle flirting pose that you begin with.

Manly Arm Pump
The sort of thing you do when you say "YESSSSS!" :) Learned around the Orchard Hobbe quest.

Maniacal Laughter
Evil laughter to torment your enemies with. Learned around the Hobbe Cave quest.

Sexy Hero Pose
Great flirtation that leads to lots of hearts. Learned after the Hobbe Cave quest

Blood Lust Roar
A massive yell, I learned it after killing the white balverine.

Fable Walkthrough

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