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Fable Walkthrough
The Guild : Final Exam

It's time for your final exam, Go to the guild woods, to the log at the top of the hill. "Your test will be revealed to you there, good luck". OK, there are no green spots of quests to do. Go into the guild woods. Maze appears, the guy in purple from the beginning of the game. Your test is to kill him.

I have to say I was REALLY disappointed with how easy this was. He really doesn't put up a fight. First you go at him with your sword, just hack and you're done. Next, 7 bow hits, just aim and shoot. Finally, 7 lightning hits. zap zap zap.

Quite impressive, says he. You are ready for the guild seal from the guildmaster.

Leave the forest and go out - the ceremony is in the chamber of fate, the oldest part of the guild. Only you and Whisper are graduating, side by side.

Fable Walkthrough

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