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Fable Walkthrough
Hero Quests : Wasp Menace and the Beggar

When you finally graduate and look at the map table, you find that there are four current quests -

wasp menace
snow troll attack
suppress uprising
minion amp

At your starting level, you can only do wasp menace. This gets you money 500; renown 200. It's located in the picnic area.

OK head out the main door as directed, to the "lookout point" map area. Follow the guy that is right there to where you see wasps attacking people.

First, hack at the wasps with your sword. Then use your bow or magic on the queen wasp. When she's injured, she'll spit out minions - go back to your sword to slay them. When they are all slain, bow/magic her to death. Everyone claps at your victory.

I got 500g, 276 renown, and 894 xp. It then auto-SAVES

I did take the apple pie on the table by accident, but I don't think good people are supposed to steal picnic food :) It didn't complain, though.

Return back to the center monument with the green spot. It's your blue-hatted bully friend from childhood?? I thought everyone in your village died. In any case, the bully is picking on a beggar. Say no to the bully, don't join him. Then help the beggar. He says to remember useful expressions.

OK, so go to the bully and fart by using the directional pad shown in the lower left corner of your screen. When you do, the bully leaves and the beggar says thanks.

Fable Walkthrough

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