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Fable Walkthrough
Hero Quests : Trader Escort Darkwood to Barrow Fields

Back to the guild area to level up and get your next quest. You have three actually, but the hobbe cave and killing contests are not for you.

trader escort - darkwood to barrow fields
200gp; renown 500; boasts 3


no protection 200 rew 400
without a scratch 200 rew 1000
protect traders 100g 400 rew

I boast that I will protect the traders. You then go:

south from lookout
west from wood
south from lake
south from gorge
west (south) caves

The game SAVES as you head into Darkwood.

"Thank Avo you're here" say the traders. They have to get to Barrow Fields.

Quest summary - 200gp 500 renown +400 for all traders surviving.

Don't bother to wait here, there are no monsters in the first page. Go forward to get a cutscene of an infected trader wanting help. One of your pals doesn't want to help, the other says traders swore an oath to help other traders. Say yes to bring him along. IMPORTANT NOTE: He must now stay alive as well.

Take all 3 into the next area, the marshes. You start out by seeing an evil wolf thing eating a guy. He'll leap at you - kill him. Don't bother trying to drag your traders to safety, they just stand there anyway :)

The demon gate here says he has guardians to test you in combat. Maybe later.

OK, NOW tell your guys to wait. Go forwad and shoot the exploding fungus with your bow. Then go back and get your guys and take them across to the next area - Darkwood Lake.

The traders are all happy that they're here but this is of course where the trouble is. Tell the traders to stay and then go forward, hacking and slashing. You get three swarms of them and then you're OK to walk into Darkwood Camp.

There's no combat here and your guys heal up completely. Have them all STAY here until you clear the rest of the route out. Replenish supplies, play some blackjack, and relax. Then head forward ALONE.

The next area is the Ancient Cullis Gate. Clear out the monsters. There's a ressurection vial here. Keep going. Next is Darkwood Weir. There's a chest to the left down the river with a lightning augmentation. You can add that to your weapon if you'd like. Just look at your weapon in your inventory and add it in. You also find a green apple, tofu, and golden carrot. When you reach the end, a giant stone golem climbs out of the earth to face you. He has a "boss health bar" on the right. Dodge his rocks, and whack at him when you get a free shot. It'll take a while but you will kill him. You get a ruby.

You're now at Barrow Fields. Go back for your traders and walk them forward again. They're very happy. You get a Trader's Feather, plus 2775g, 756 renown, 1925 exp. I got the "all traders survive" +400 bonus.

Fable Walkthrough

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