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Fable Walkthrough
Hero Quests : Hobbes Killing Contest

Your aim here is to clear the Orchard Farm of hobbes, annoying monsters that have overrun it. You're promised 900g, a renown of 200 and can have 4 boasts. The boasts are:

no protection - 200/400
without a scratch - 100/600
fist fighter - 100/800
humble whisper (10 more than her) - 150 / 500

I chose Humble Whisper but this is REALLY hard, there aren't that many hobbes to begin with. Be warned.

OK, walk:
s to greatwood
s to orchard farm


Walk into the center of the area. You find the farmer there and your old roommate Whisper. In essence you and she run to the end of the map area and then just stand there slaying hobbes. She seems to "steal your kills" a lot so if you start on someone, finish him off so she doesn't do the last hit and kill him. It's not worth it to try to steal her kills, she will steal yours in the meantime.

When you win, she leaves. You earn a Hobbe Tooth Trophy. I got:

970g, 399 renown, 1810 xp

Fable Walkthrough

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