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Fable Walkthrough
Hero Quests : The Grey House

When you go to the grey house, your sister is there. She talks about Jack of Blades. He burned down your home and cut out her eyes. Jack does know where your mother is - that's because he's kept her in bargate prison this entire time. Your sister says the archaeologist knows of an ancient secret pasage.

Theresa says she can't stay here - she has left details in a quest card. You have to get mother out, she knows how to reach the sword in the stone.

If you search this house, you discover that Lady Grey (the mayor) has killed her younger sister and is evil.

Your three quests are now:

* find the archaeologist - in bowerstone jail 7000g 500 ren 3 boasts
* break the siege - in knothole glade
* lost trader - trader's lost brother

Fable Walkthrough

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