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Fable Walkthrough
Hero Quests : Rescue Scarlet Robe

This part is a LONG quest so just be ready for it. To start with is a chest with a resurrection phial. Head down the tunnel to the underground chamber. You're told this quest is for 0g and 0r - it's personal. Note the red dot - that'll be meaningful on your way out :). Go to the glowing door, to the underground tunnel.

Go to the center room and kill everyone, then the doors open. The "wrong direction" ends in a chest and nymph of fire. Kill her to get a resurrection phial in chest. Go to next door in order - cliffside path - now outside again. more fiery nymphs. The land route leads to a chest with lightning augmentation. Go on into the tower and the door at the far right. Now the room locks and you have to fight enemies.

You move on to the underground passage. The enemies are now bandits / guards. The side path has guards, health potions and a chest with a ressurection phial. Soon you come into a big room. Kill the barrels and open the chest with a obsidian katana. In another chest is a dark leather. Head up the stairs to the torture chamber. It's your mom, of course. Pull the lever and she comes out. Go out the other door. You run out with her, but you two are caught in the circle room. Jack appears. Apparently, using the arena seal, he has been tracking your every move. He wants to know where the key is.

POOF you're in jail now. You're invited to run and win a race. Win the race in traditional straight-lining fashion like every other footrace in gaming history. Then, like with the Vogons in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you have to listen to poetry in the warden's office. He'll look away, and you have to sneak around pas thim to bulletin board to read his pin #. Then sneak back to the 3 books on the table. Choose one to open with it to get the cell key. If you guess right, you can escape. If not you are stuck for another year.

Note the pin changes every year and has to be re-read. But the book does NOT change so keep guessing a new one until you get it right.

By the time we got out we were at 60 yrs old in 7 days, we were 30 when game started

Note you just have to have your character 'read' the pin, you as a human player do not actually have to know or remember it. Also note the book rotates from game to game and is always different.

OK, open your cell. Go across and get the stick. Let everyone out and go out into the courtyard. Run up the stairs to the left then into the door to the barracks. A chest in here has all your stuff. Equip it all. Now you can use magic again too. The chests have a guard uniform but it's not very helpful.

Head back downstairs and on your map the escape door lights up. You're back in the torture chamber. Pull the lever and get your mom, then open the other door again.

Go out to the cliffside path, retracing your steps. In a chest is a chainmail helm. You're back to the underground chamber. Kill the kracken piece by piece, using arrows on the tentacles or waiting for them to slam into the ground to hack at them. Note that your mom is in permanent follow mode, so during this fight go clockwise around the edge of the pool so she follows behind and stays out of trouble.

You get a cut scene about revenge and destiny. You want revenge over Jack blinding your sister and imprisoning your mom. Hey, how about killing your dad?? Doesn't that matter at all??

You learn that the key is in hook coast in ruins of an old abbey. Only one of your bloodline can see it. You must find your sister, otherwise Jack could use her. You need to go to Darkwood and investigate the portal. This is the only way to the hook coast. Then your mom blasts you with green light. Apparently now she can talk to you through the guild seal.

You get the kraken tooth trophy, 75 g 465 ren 52808 exp

Fable Walkthrough

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