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Fable Walkthrough
Hero Quests : Execution Tree

This is a quick and easy quest and there are two routes - the main tree one and the rescue one. The rewards are:

4500g; 200r; 4 boasts

Or an extra 100 reward for the rescue. The boasts are:

no protection 400/1000
w/o a scratch 500/1500
fist fighter 500/1500 protect guards 500/1500

You're attacked 1, 1, then 2 times by bandits as you move from spot to spot. In the meantime heal yourself and your guys too. Finally you reach headsman's hill. When you get to the end, everyone cheers.

get 7000g 450r 5285 exp

Note that he can eascape if the bandits get to him, so keep them at a distance!

Fable Walkthrough

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