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Fable Walkthrough
Hero Quests : Orchard Farm Ghost

This is a quick and easy quest. First, go to Orchard Farm, then go to the green dot. The farmer's mother was murdered, and he has seen her ghost. He is Isiah the farmer. OK, go up to the new green dot. You of course find the ghost. A bandit attacked by Greatwood lake and took the necklace, a family heirloom.

OK, go to the lake. The ghost talks to you again. Follow the path up to the waterfalls. Kill the bandit, and she says thank you. Now she wants you to take the necklace to her son.

Note there's a spot to fish at orchard farms if you haven't done so already!

Back to the farmer, talk to him again and he gives you 1400g or so. You also earn 200 renown. Talk to the mom-ghost and she goes away.

Fable Walkthrough

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