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Fable Walkthrough
Hero Quests : Bandit Spy Extraction

I laugh every time I do this one, it's very James Bondy. You are promised 5800 g 400 ren 7 boasts. The boasts are:

no prot 400/1000
w/o a scratch 400/1600
fist fighter 400/1100
guard massacre 500/1000
trader massacre 500/1200
pacifist 500/1400
solo mission 400/800

You meet up with Tanya - we have to rescue a secret bandit spy in trader group. She has "bandit controllers". Guy is Otto. "He's the one with the big moustache".

Go across the bridge and into Windmill Hill. Go up slowly behind the group. Wait for the traders to pass then run into gibbet woods. talk to him

Kill all the guards. Note that guard killing = evil! The traders are blissfully ignorant (stupid). In the meantime the guards try to kill you and the guy. If you lose the guy, he won't respond later. He'll repeat the same four phrases about a million times.

Anyway, go to talk to Tanya again. If you kill the traders you get huge loot. Tanya says "the blue nymph crouches at quarter past three". You also get a sharpening augmentation as prize.

8235g 659 ren 3730 exp

You get a trader's head as a trophy.

Fable Walkthrough

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