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Fable Walkthrough
Hero Quests : Gateway to Hook Coast

At this point there should be NO quest cards available at all. Go to the ancient cullis gate. To do this you actually go to barrow and then walk there. At this point the quest begins - gateway to hook coast for 4200g 500 renown

You have bar a showing hunger for undead - simply go to the gate and kill the undead that appear before it. The bar fills up, just keep killing them. When you kill enough, the gate activates and you walk in automatically.

You're on the Hook Coast - cold, snowy and icy. The most expensive house is here. 29,000 gold. upgrade 7000, 9000, 11000 and it's done.

Shove Happenny is in the tavern here. Go side to side first then it's like shuffleboard - slide 4 coins down the path and they can push each other. Have to get 20 points to win. The lowest spot touching is the score. We got 25 pts - 26 pts - 28 pts - 30 pts = maze hero doll. The max bet here is 1000g

Approach the door and you see a force field, then activate a cut-scene. Mom says to meet you in Maze's quarters. Teleport right back there. you hear here in panic as you get near. You get a book on the shelf as she's stolen away. It talks about magical barriers and says the guildmaser can decipher it.

5528g 1160 ren

Fable Walkthrough

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