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Fable Walkthrough
Merchant Notes : Guild Hall Merchant

The guild hall merchant is pretty much there 24 hours a day, right by the map room. He will sell you all categories of items, although his selection is pretty limited.

In general, this merchant only has (of course) the most basic of items and charges a premium for a lot of these. It's best to look elsewhere once you can travel around.

One note, he DOES sell Will Potions very cheap - 41 (70). So buy those up.

He will NOT buy your stick, iron longsword or yew longbow initial weapons.

He would buy:
iron katana (will give 118g, base price 163g)
yew crossbow (will give 147g, base price 200g)

He Wants: * cooking apples
* resurrection phials

Fable Walkthrough

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