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Fable Walkthrough
Merchant Notes : Bowerstone South Merchants

There are four merchants here. The bartender in the tavern will sell you food stuff. A clothing/armor guy is in a buildling to the left as you come through the main gates. A commodities guy is to your right in a stall. If you keep going forward and left at the tavern, the armor guy is there. All only open during daylight hours, except the bartender.

The bartender has a good selection of beer, cider, and meats.

The weapons guy has oak, yew and ebony items. He wants iron longswords.

The trader in the stall on the right of the door has a fishing rod!! 50g. Also wedding rings and fake wedding rings. Chocolate and perfume are REALLY cheap here so stock up for your flirting efforts.

The armor guy on the right in the building by the gate has clothing and armor. He has a whole set of "light" (good) and "dark" (evil) armor types.

Fable Walkthrough

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