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Fable Walkthrough
Supply Listings : Weapons Listing

There is no way to do a "set" weapons price listing, because every merchant sells at a different price. This will depend on how many of the item the merchant currently has in stock, how your charm rating is, and other factors. However the BASE price for any item is the world-wide basic average price, so that is always the guideline to use to know if you're getting a good deal or a bad deal.

cost: 3g
damage: 20
weight: light

iron longsword
cost: 150g
damage: 30
weight: light

iron katana
cost: 163g
damage: 33
weight: light

steel longsword
cost: 450g
damage: 45
weight: light

yew longbow
cost: 150g
damage: 60

yew crossbow
cost: 200g
damage: 80

oak longbow
cost: 450g
damage: 90

oak crossbow
cost: 550g
damage 110

ebony longbow
cost: 1937g
damage 130
very accurate, very powerful

Sword in the Stone by temple
You need max strength and health, to pull it. It's "The Harbinger" 198 dg sharpening and piercing.

Fable Walkthrough

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