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Fable Walkthrough
Teleport Locations / Cullis Gates

The control pad on the lower left gives you access amongst other things to your teleport / guild token. If it swirls green it means you are able to upgrade your stats (since you do so in a green field of energy). Just press and hold DOWN on that control pad to teleport back home from whereever you are. When you are done getting yourself ready you can return to whereever you were using the same technique.

In addition, there are cullis gates (teleport spots) set up around the kingdom. These activate when you get to them and from that point forward you can easily leap to any one. These are:

* In the guild
* Bowerstone by the entry gate
* Oakvale by the entry gate
* Bandit camp
* Witchwood
* Knothole Glade

Fable Walkthrough

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