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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough:
Balamb Garden: Starting

The game starts, like any other game, slowly so you get used to what you have to do. Your first real act is to choose 'tutorial' in your classroom and grab your first two GFs - Quezacotl and Shiva. As you get out and around, be sure to talk to EVERYONE you can, you never know who has stuff for you. The student on the walkway has cards for example. Learn to use the draw points that you see, like the one along the way out of the garden.

You'll head northeast to get to the Fire Cavern. Another rule - be patient. Don't go racing off to everywhere. Spend your time fighting and building up your skills. You'll find that your actual "missions" are much easier if you've taken the time to build up strength on things you meet along the way. Wander.

Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough

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