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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough:
Zidane on the Run

You land in a musician area. Head east through the door - she bashes into Ruby. Talk to Ruby briefly, and then chase Princess Garnet down the stairs. Cinna comes, and you run east and down a trap door under the table.

Turn the wheel right to speed up the engine. Now turn it left, and left again. Now it's too slow, but chests drop from the ceiling. Turn it right (back to neutral) and head down the stairs to get the two chests. You get phoenix pinion to the back and phoenix down to the front.

You go through the door to the left and have to fight Steiner a bit. Suddenly ooglops are loose, which he hates. Now you run further west, and go up onto stage. This is where the Princess gets some acting time in.

The play goes on, complete with the Princess pretending to die and Steiner becoming distraught. Vivi joins the group, and suddenly the Princess, Vivi, Marcus and Zidane are fighting Steiner. Haagen and Weimar run off pretty quickly. When you defeat Steiner, the ship starts to sail off. A fireball comes on, there's another fight scene, and the ball blows up. With that, the ship sails out, a bit smoky, but free.

You see a quick clip of Zorn (in blue) and Thorn (in red) being told by the Queen to bring Garnet back.

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