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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough:
Deciding to Rescue

There are some movies about Vivi getting his medicine, the knight not wanting to take his, and then the captain doesn't want you to go after her.

You get three ATEs in a row here - one about the knight wanting to get out, one about Ruby who was left behind in Alexandria, and one about Cinna missing his doll.

Go see Vivi, finding Ether in the chest to the north and 116 gil in the top bunk. Back to the hallway. Get the bronze gloves in the chest upstairs, then down and east. Grab the ether in the chest to the left. Head down the stairs. There's a rubber helm to the north. Go south into the entryway to the forest. There's a leather hat in the chest to the right.

Go back to the boss, down in his chambers to the east. After talking to him, grab the potion in the chest by the bunk. Now leave his room and fight him. You can steal a hi-potion and iron sword from him. It should only take around 5 hits to bring him down. He'll decide to let you go after all.

Back upstairs to grab Steiner, getting the ether in the chest in his room. Now get Vivi and head down the stairs and out of the ship. Blank will be in the last room and give you some medicine for her. Stop by the moogle, because you'll get a letter to you (Zidane) from Ruby, talking about a stranger she met in Alexandria.

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