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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough:
Nolrich Heights

Wander around Nolrich Heights before going into the village. You'll get a Zaghrol card from some of the monsters, while you fight purple bugs and pythons. There's a gate to the southwest, the border between Lindblum and Alexandria. You need a gate pass to get past it, which you don't have.

By the town is a squirrel who wants some ore. Give it to him, and he gives you 10ap and a potion. he says to tell Mr Ghost that he said hi.

Go to the tower, where Morrid works. You'll finda hi-potion to the south and 135 gil to the north. If you go into his house, you'll learn that he'll trade you his model boat for Burman, Kirman and Moccha coffee.

Now head over to the village.

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