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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough:
Under the Mill

Go into the mill, grab the aries behind the wheel, and go down into the circular opening. You'll see a chest with 156 gil in it.

In the next room, after seeing Vivi get hauled off, you'll find a potion in the shed and eyedrops to the south. There's ether up top. Kumop the moogle is here, with a letter for Mogki. Turn the wheel a chest will drop with a potion in it.

The next room has a leather wrist in the middle, and an iron helm up top.

The next room has a door with mist coming out from it. You find Vivi in the box by the west. There is 95 gil near it. Open the door for attacks of mist monsters, and a chest with phoenix down. There's also a potion to the right.

Follow the machine along, finding out that the eggs are hatching out Vivi zombies. You'll get knocked into the empty boxes and put into the barrel, at which point things switch over to Steiner.

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