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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough:

When you first enter Treno, it's the land of ATEs. Dagger wanders off to the left and you get "Treno tradition: where Dagger loses 1000 gil. Now to another side you get "Ambition" where two kids, Natalie and Mario, want to be nobles. Next you get "Confusion" where dagger talks to confused guy. Next is "Meeting place" where Marcus goes into the inn. Sheesh!

Go northeast and north into the shop and inn. You see a 10,000 reward poster for catching a thief. Go opposite and down stairs to a shopkeep. In the chest is 1 gil, and in the other chest is a yeti card.

Outside are the 2 kids who want to be nobles. You now get yet ANOTHER ATE - auction house (forget name) unexpected visitor.

On sort of a ledge is a Moogle - Mogrich - with a letter from stiltzkin about desert. This is next to the shop with a monster in floor.

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